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Build a Home Gym
When it comes to setting up a home based gym, what equipment you include will depend on your fitness goals, what space you have available and of course your budget. Will you be setting it up in your garage or a spare room? Will that space be used just as a home gym, or for other household items. Some people will be able to devote a whole room to their home gym, as pictured, where as others may need to conceal their equipment when not in use, to save space. Although it is possible to exercise with no equipment, using just your own body weight, for some of the best results, I recommend you consider purchasing at least a weights bench and some weights. (Examples Argos 900/3204 and 928/3471) Remember that no matter what you buy for your home gym, there should always be enough space around you to exercise safely and effectively, without the risk of injury to you or other people. Some additional (optional) items of equipment you may wish to consider may include: Stability Ball Bosu Balls Rebok Step Foam Roller Wobble Board Body Fat Monitor Adjustable Dumbbells VipR Skipping Rope Power/Core Bag Heart Rate Monitor Weighing Scales Medicine Balls Exercise Mat TRX Suspension Resistance Bands Pedometer Pull Up Bar