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FREE Consultation
FREE Personal Training Consultation Booking a FREE Personal Training consultation is a great way for you to experience Personal Training first hand. There is no obligation, which means you don’t need to book a PT session afterwards. It’s a great chance for you to meet me, your Personal Trainer, discuss your goals in more detail and also take a look around the gym, Lifestyle Fitness (or discuss the alternate location you wish to train). The consultation can be purely a consultation (sat down), although the more interesting type of consultation has a practical side where you can get involved. Don’t worry if your fitness isn’t up to scratch, it’s purpose is to demonstrate a variety of different training methods you may come across based on your goals. We’ll also take a look at your posture and flexibility, and evaluate your body composition. Additional Analysis’s Available: Basal Metabolic Rate Lean Muscle Mass Segmented Body Fat Visceral Fat Rating Blood Pressure Lung Capacity Body Water Percentage Metabolic Age Total Body Fat Bone Density Blood Glucose And More! FREE Online Consultation If you can’t make it to the gym, or can’t see me in person, but would still like to provide me with all the essential information I need to either give you advice or create you a programme, please Click Here for access to my online form. This contains questions I have designed to obtain the essential information I need to be able to advise you. Where possible however, you should try and consult with me in person so I can discuss your goals, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle in much greater depth.