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How important is healthy nutrition?  Healthy nutrition is essential if you are serious about getting good results. Most of us consume far too many calories from all the wrong types of foods. We consume too  many of the wrong types of fats. Our carbohydrates are often from highly processed  foods which release their energy too quickly, rather than sustaining us throughout  the day. Many of us don’t consume enough protein based foods to help curb our  hunger, repair our muscles and maintain a healthy metabolism.  Every cell in your body relies on a healthy nutritional intake and plenty of water to  function properly. Most of us lack the results we desire due to the body not getting  what it needs on a cellular level to function properly. What’s the Solution?  As a Nutritionist, I will educate you on the most effective ways to change your diet so  you get maximum results in the gym, feel full of energy and sleep better. Because your  body can function better, your immune system will become more efficient so you  become ill less often. I will also show you how you can eliminate any gastric upset and  digestive issues, which are more common than you think, due to the way foods are  processed and made in today’s food industry.  Help and support will be available throughout your training as I advise you on ways to  improve your diet. Food Diary Analysis’s are also available upon request. 
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