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Home & Outdoor Personal Training
Home Personal Training Personal Training sessions don’t just take place in the gym. You might prefer to train at home. This may be to do with confidence as you start out, or perhaps you’d rather save on gym fee’s or simply don’t have the time to get to and from a gym. Home training is also an ideal option for anyone who can’t leave the house due to kids, etc. It is possible to train with little or no equipment, although some basic equipment is recommended. With no equipment, you will be shown how you can adapt every day household furniture to effectively train your body. As your Personal Trainer I can also bring equipment such as boxing pads, gloves, TRX Suspension system, etc. Some basic gym equipment I would recommend for home training would include a weights bench and some dumbbells. (Examples Argos 900/3204 and 928/3471). Outdoor Personal Training Outdoor or ‘Urban Personal Training’ isn’t just about running around your local park with your Personal Trainer. You will be shown how you can manipulate the city surroundings and create the ultimate training ground using everything around you, from park benches, kids playgrounds, hills, walls, steps and stairs, grassy banks, park and open areas, and more. We can also use the TRX and boxing pads/gloves to add additional elements if fitness training into your regime.