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Personal Training
What is Personal Training? Personal Trainers are motivation and fitness specialists who will guide you through  the most effective training methods designed to get you guaranteed results in the  fastest time possible. You will also be guided on ways to effectively live a healthier  more active lifestyle, improve your nutritional intake to maximise your energy levels,  improve your sleep patterns, become less stressed, and of course get better results.  Having regular Personal Training sessions will ensure you never get bored of the same  training session. No two sessions are the same, which means your body will constantly  be adapting for maximum results. You will be learning continuously about both fitness  and nutrition, leading you to become more confident as a person as you become more  knowledgeable and see your own body start to develop towards your goals.  All sessions are tailored to your specific goals and requirements. So whether your 18  or 80, male or female you can get started with a Personal Trainer. Don’t worry if your  fitness isn’t up to scratch. As your Personal Trainer I will work with you to show you ways to improve your fitness and energy  levels in a fraction of the time it would have taken you on your own.  Where do I train? Sessions primarily take place at the Lifestyle Fitness gym on Deansgate, in  Manchester City Centre. Depending on my availability, and your location, I can also  train you at your work place, home and/or outdoors.