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Firstly, I would like to mention that I am not certified as a web  designer. However all my websites I have designed and built from  scratch, without any help from a web designer. As a small business  I understand how it’s important to keep outgoings to a minimum,  and with the prices many web designers quote, even for a small  basic website, these can often be excessive. This is why over the  years I have learnt all the necessary skills and coding to design my  own websites from scratch.  If you would like help designing a small or medium sized website  for your business, or for personal use, please feel free to contact  me with your requirements and design ideas. I’ll be up front and  honest whether it’s something I can create for you.  As for the cost, I will guide you through the hosting and set-up  costs, and advise you on the total estimated cost, based on the  amount of work that is required. This will be offered at a fraction  of the cost most web designers will try to charge you. I will also  keep a back up of your website I can update and change your  website as and when you require. I will do my best to keep the  costs to a minimum, as this will mainly be down to my own personal time spent creating your website. If you would like to view  some of my previous work (this site is also my own work), please visit...  PT Profile - A Personal Trainer Search Directory - www.ptprpfoile.co.uk Ben Malton PT - My latest and newest Personal Training website (completion due November 2014) - www.benmaltonpt.co.uk